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Driver's license is required to do the vehicles activities?

Yes! For the ATV and Buggy activities is necessary to hold a driver’s license or a driver’s permit in case of drivers under 18 years old.

Are there weight restrictions for the ATVs and UTVs

Yes! The ATV’s maximum weight is 220 pounds, and the Buggy/Side by Side/UTV is 1000 pounds.

Are the buggy/ATV tours guided?

Yes! All our activities are guided by a certified tour guide.

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Do you have parking if we drive ourselves?

Yes, we do have parking in our park where you can pace your vehicle without worries, the park is monitored by our security cameras.

Does the 2-hour tour also include the waterfall or the beach?

Our 2-hrs  ATV tour option will take you through a jungle, river, and beach paths, however, to visit the waterfall you should book our 3 or 4-hrs tour option.

KEEP IN MIND that we vary the tour journey depending on the weather conditions, this means that Waterfalls maybe not in the route.

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Is the tour running even with bad weather conditions?

What is bad for some is great for others!

We operate the tour during the rainy season and sometimes is when we get the best comments and reviews.

We vary our routes to always offer safety and a good experience.

What the minimum age to join the ATV and Buggy Tours?

We offer ATVs for two people, the driver must hold a driver’s license and the accompanying must be over 10 years old.

In a buggy the rule is different, kids over 1 year old can enjoy this activity. We will provide a safety seat or booster.

Children can enjoy all activities?

On ATVs, accompanying must be over 10 years old.

In a buggy the rule is different, kids over 1 year old can enjoy this activity. We will provide a safety seat or booster.

For Canopy Tour kids over 7 years old

Horseback Riding is available for children over 10 years old.

Boat tours are recommended for kids over 1 year old.

**Parents and documents should be shown at the check in

Is there a place to store items?

Yes! We have some lockers where you can store your items in a safe way.

Is the price the same for locals and foreigners?

Yes, it is the same price for locals and foreigners.

Is there a Waterfall tour?

No! We do not concentrate our tour in visit to any waterfall, nevertheless if the weather conditions offer us waterfalls in our way, we will enjoy them, however, we can not warrantee you waterfalls tours. Due to the weather conditions many waterfall can be dry.

What is the difference between a ATV and a Buggy?

An ATV stands for an All Terrain Vehicle, but also it refer to a Quad or to an all terrain motorcycle, this means that it can be ride two people maximum.

A Buggy or Side by Side (SxS) vehicle is more like a golfcart adecuted to be driven as All Tarrain Vehicle, it has a steering wheel offering to car drivers a better confort and easy way to enjoy off-roads. The ones we offer are for 2 or 4 passangers. The Buggy is highly recommended for non experience drivers or for families with kids. 

Can I ride if I’m pregnant?

No! We do not recommend our activities if you are pregnant.

Where Riders Adventures is located?

We are located just 15 minutes from Jaco Beach and 5 Minutes from Tarcoles.

You can find us out on Google Maps and Waze just by entering Riders Adventures.

Our official address is: Pacífica Fernández Oreamuno, 100 mts north of Hotel and Club Punta Leona main entrance, Quebrada Ganado Tarcoles, Puntarenas Province, Garabito, 61102

What driver license type do I need to drive?

If you have a Canada, USA, UK, or EU license to drive a regular car or motorcycle, will be enough for driving any vehicle in our fleet.

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