4 hrs Side by Side tour

Get immersed in the jungle of Costa Rica with this option

Designed for adventure seekers

An unforgettable experience full of adrenaline

About it


Jungle, River, and beach trails and paths

This Side By Side adventure is similar to the other options, but with more time which allows you to enjoy the different environments and get deeper.

Our adventure starts in our operation center with a driving test lab here our certificated tour guide will introduce the vehicle features and explain how to use it safely and with proficiency.

Once you have the proper knowledge and practice, we will go out from our offices to the jungle trails up to our landscape ocean view at the top of the mountain.

Once you get your pics, we start our way down to arrive at our river path, where you will be getting wet “optional”.

The last stop will be at the beach before returning to our center.


Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

All our fleet is fully automatic, so you will have an easy journey.

Just remember that a driver’s licence is required for driving, this is because we have to cross public roads where to hold a driver’s license is obligatory. US driver’s permits are allowed and regularly used by minors.

We have a driving test lab, if you are not able to drive, we will apply our protocols to help you to enjoy the experience. Options vary according to the person’s characteristics.


  • 2 Persons
  • Parking in our park
  • Certified Tour Guides
  • Bottles of water and fruits
  • Equipment for kids if required

If you have a question, feel free to visit our FAQ’s page


  • Closed-toed shoes (sneakers, etc.)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Sunglasses
  • Equipment for kids if required

* For the ATV tour, a guaranteed deposit with Credit Card is required


No sandals, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes
The maximum weight is 350 kg in total in a 4-seat Buggy and 200 kg in a Double Buggy.
Kids over 2 years old are welcome (We provide safety seats or boosters)

We did the 4 h tour and it was amazing! We drove along in a river, through the jungle and our guide showed us hidden beaches where just locals went. Our guide Luis was great, he had a good humor and adapted the tour perfectly for our needs. Very recommendable, we did 2 atv tours in Costa Rica and liked this one much more than the first
Birgit Mayer
Birgit Mayer
Our best ATV experience so far! We took the 4 hours tour and drove along a river, visited 2 beaches and a small waterfall. Our tour was amazing with our guide Louis!
Niki Hritsco
Niki Hritsco
We had an amazing experience atv’ing and ziplining. Gemelo was an amazing guide for the ATV experience and all the zip lining guides were so nice and helpful!
Gregory Mainolfi
Gregory Mainolfi
We fit my family into the off-road buggy and were able to have the guide to ourselves. It was a lot of fun driving through the rivers, mud, jungle and even on the beach for the 3 hour tour. Shout out to our guide Andres for showing us a great time!
Tara Wkr
Tara Wkr
It was all around awesome. The view, the ride on the atv, our tour guide Enriquez. Very patient and so kind. The entire staff. If you’re in the area or willing to travel from the main city i would definitely recommend.
Camelia Fernandez
Camelia Fernandez
Great experience and not so expensive on top of very amazing the tour guide

SxS Tour in Costa Rica is a great option to discover inaccessible trails

The Side by Side vehicles have features such as four-wheel drive (4WD), independent suspension systems, robust frames, and powerful engines to handle challenging terrains and provide a smooth ride.

Where is the tour going?

The ATV and SxS Riders Adventures tours address you to the hills of the mountains of Carara National Park. Keep in mind that we do not enter the park, nevertheless, our property shares the same ecosystem which allows you to admire the wonders of the nature around it.

From the hills to the jungle, cruising rivers immersed in the rainforest of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

The adventure continues by going through local villages and visiting Mantas Beach before returning to our head-quarter.


Kids are welcome as well as older people

We offer all the necessary security guidelines and stuff to enjoy the most loved of the family, nevertheless, they must be with their parents or guardians.

What is the minimum age allowed?

This can vary also by size. We offer booters and children’s chairs to ensure maximum security during the activity. However, consider this activity for older than 5 years old.

This 4 hours side by side tour is good for my kids?

Kids, Children, or Teenagers, all of them are our babies, nevertheless, we should keep in mind their age in order to understand if they will be tired or feel nervous along the tour journey, so this depends on your baby’s personality and adventure passion.